3 Little-Known Facts About Lemon Beagles

1. The Lemon Coloration is a recognized variant.

While there are breeds with color variations that are not considered breed standards, the white and lemon coloration of the Lemon Beagle is. That means that these cute and rare Beagles are allowed in the show ring, but that they’re not poorly bred to “make” this color. This is in contrast to “silver labs”, which are bred solely for coloration purposes and are usually a result of backyard breeding.

Both sizes of the Beagle accept the Lemon variation.

Beagles come in two sizes: under 13 inches and 13 to 15 inches. Thankfully, both sizes recognize the Lemon color. This is great for those looking for a smaller or bigger Beagle that also want it in the Lemon coloration.

3. Lemon Beagles are the lightest color.

Although these cuties have very dark-colored noses, Lemon Beagles are the lightest color of all the 11 recognized color variations. Since all-white Beagles are not standard according to all major kennel clubs, Lemon Beagles are the closest thing to white Beagles.

Temperament & Intelligence of the Lemon Beagle

Lemon Beagles, as well as Beagles in general, are hounds and have strong hound mentality. Known for their strong sense of smell, Beagles are known for their wanderlust by following their noses. Recall training needs to be perfect or they’ll block out everything to track a scent that catches their attention. Coupled with a working dog’s high-energy level, Beagles can be a challenge to train for first-time dog owners. That being said, Beagles can be great tracking dogs with the right training and recall training can be successful.

Beagles are intelligent dogs that were bred to hunt in groups, so they need daily interaction to be happy. This means they’re not a great breed for families and individuals who will be gone for long hours, since they’re very prone to separation anxiety. They’re also vocal dogs that may bark and howl almost nonstop until their owners are home, which makes them less suitable for apartment living. Even the quietest Beagles that have been thoroughly exercised can still be noisy and destructive if left alone.

Beagles are gentle with children and are often social with everyone, making them a great option for big families or active neighborhoods. It’s rare for a Beagle to exhibit aggressive tendencies with people and other dogs, but they still need to be properly socialized. They enjoy being close to their owners and love to snuggle, as long as their energy has been sufficiently burned off. Above all else, Beagles love to be part of the family and will thrive off of an active, outdoorsy lifestyle.

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