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Few things are cuter than a puppy, especially a beagle puppy. Beagles make excellent companions, and the earlier you make a connection with one, the better. This breed of dog is great to play with and they are generally low maintenance. Beagles are also quite small, so if there are size restrictions where you live, they should still be allowed.

The process to buy beagle puppies is simple, so reach out to Hull’s Ozark Beagles to start the process today.

How Do You Buy a Beagle Puppy?

Once you have looked through our selection of beagle puppies for sale and made your choice, the next step is to send us an email requesting more information. Following your decision, we require that you send us a $300 non-refundable deposit. We airship our beagles, so we need your address and contact info to make sure you get your puppy. We only ship our puppies on Fridays.

You will be kept informed throughout the entire process. And be sure to bring an I.D. so you can pick up your puppy at the airport. We also really appreciate a message when you receive your new beagle to give us peace of mind and to be sure your pup made it to you.

Hull's ozark beagles
One of our beagle puppies waiting to be bought

Why Choose Hull’s Ozark Beagles?

Every single one of our beagle puppies for sale is raised with love and care. We raise lemon-spotted beagles that usually have blue eyes and liver noses.

Our Guarantees

Shipping Info

The Safety and Health of your new puppy is our #1 priority! Puppies must be at least 8 weeks old, that’s the law! We determine when we send your Puppy by what we feel the Puppy’s maturity level is. Like children, some puppies mature faster than others. It could be 10 to 12 weeks depending on each individual puppy.

No puppy will be considered sold or reserved without a deposit
The guarantee is only valid for the original buyer

You may not get your Puppy on the exact day you wanted if mother nature is not working out for us, but usually we will get your puppy to you a good day soon after.

We have a very responsible good ground shipper that we recommend and trust with your puppy. In most cases your puppy will be delivered to your door or very close by.

Call Airbound pets for shipping info 417 462 3132 Grounds shipping Down home pet transport 417 664 0768 Buyer makes on transport arrangements

You may put a nonrefundable deposit on a puppy to hold it, the balance must be paid in full. We accept PayPal.

In addition to the Puppy Guarantee, the parties further agree:

This agreement and guarantee, and the obligations of seller contained herein, are not transferable and inure to buyer only.
In the event of litigation resulting from this contract, buyer shall pay seller all attorney fees incurred by seller.
For and in consideration of the agreements contained in the Puppy Guarantee, buyer waives all other rights and remedies available to buyer as a result of the sale of the dog.
The parties agree that seller makes no other representations, promises, or guarantees not contained in this contract. Additionally, buyer acknowledges that seller has made no representation or guarantee regarding adult size, weight, or temperament of the dog.
Seller’s veterinarian will assess all findings of buyer’s veterinarian and will make the final decision.
By accepting dog, buyer agrees to all terms of agreement.
New owner is responsible to continue the vaccination and worming series, failure to complete series by licensed Veterinarian voids all guarantees and warranties. NO vaccines will be given within the 10 day period following the last documented one on medical record.
All of our puppies come intact, and come with Full Breeding Rights.

Our Puppy Agreement:

We will provide a dog which qualifies to be registered (registration varies, Contact Us for details).
Guarantee will be void if:
a. The dog is not checked by the buyer’s veterinarian within (3) days of pickup or delivery.
b. Official documentation of a healthy dog is not provided to the seller within the (3) days provided.
If dog is proven unhealthy by the buyer’s veterinarian and documentation is provided by the veterinarian within (3) days, seller will, at buyer’s request, accept the dog back and provide a healthy dog. However, this agreement is conditioned upon immediate contact of seller at the provided fax, mailing address or gmail, and arrangements to ship dog and papers within (3) days of veterinarian diagnosis, with the veterinarian’s written description of dog’s unhealthy state. This agreement is conditioned on buyer paying all costs for care, evaluation, and transportation of any dog, including veterinarian and autopsy costs. Failure to comply with these conditions will cancel with guarantee.
This agreement does not include dogs with worms, fleas, mites, giardia, coccidia, hypoglycemia, or common parasites, and does not apply to the results of abuse, neglect, or accident.
If any dog seller provides dies from, or is diagnosed with, a life-threatening congenital or hereditary condition, within (1) year of purchase, seller will replace the dog with the next available similar dog seller produces. This agreement is conditioned on written certifications by two veterinarians that the dog died from, or has, a life-threatening, congenial, or hereditary condition. This agreement is conditioned, also, upon the return of the dog, if living, and registration papers, if any, to seller. Arrangements must be made within (3) days, by email or fax, of discovery of the illness, to ship dog, certifications, and papers. Buyer must pay all costs for care, evaluation, any transportation of any dog, including veterinarian and autopsy costs. Failure to comply with these conditions will cancel this guarantee.

If you purchase a puppy from us, we would like to talk to you by phone. We like to go over all the details like shipping, type of food, how to register your microchip, or any question you might have about the puppy. We are always available for questions about your puppy after it arrives.

All puppies will have a microchip installed. It is very important for you to register your puppy’s chip after it arrives. or 1-800-434-2843

Puppy Care Tips

Keep in mind that your new puppy will be stressed when going to its new home with you. Signs of this are things like it not eating well the first few days. This is fairly normal, though some puppies are more prone to stress than others. Regardless, keep an eye on your puppy to make sure it is eating, drinking and going to the bathroom. After the first day or two we’d expect to see the pup eating well.

Allow your puppy to have plenty of rest after it arrives. We really want to stress this: Don’t over do things with a lot of play for about a week or so, or until your pup is over the stressful of relocation. Play with the pup, let it rest, play a little more, cuddle and hold and then let it rest some more. Your puppy is still a baby, and requires a lot of sleep at this time, though less and less as it gets older.

Your puppy will be eating only dry food when it comes to your home. If at all possible, keep the puppy on the same food for a week. If you choose to change its feed, do so gradually by mixing the two feeds and phasing out the previous feed a little at a time. Changing its feed abruptly can cause an upset stomach and maybe some diarrhea. Do not give your puppy table scraps, NO matter what its age. It can be upsetting to its digestive system while adjusting to its new environment. If your pup should develop a bit of diarrhea, give it a teaspoon of Peptol Bismol, and hopefully that will take care of it. Just remember that your pup has been taken from its Mom, littermates, and the only environment it ever knew, and is now in a completely different place with new friends, smells, etc.

Be sure to do follow up deworming and booster vaccinations. It is important to keep these up to date. You will need to be careful where you take your puppy until it has been fully vaccinated. You will need to take extra caution on any trips where you stop for potty breaks. Don’t take your puppy several places when you first get it. It is stressful for it to just being taken to your home and a bit more overwhelming to be taken and shown off, plus it is not fully vaccinated until it gets its final boosters at 3 months of age.

Your puppy is used to being inside and is allowed to go out to run and play as well. Please be prepared to provide your puppy with the necessary shelter outside to keep it safe. If you aren’t planning on keeping it inside, then make sure it has adequate housing. This will mean bedding and warmth in the winter and shade in the summer. Young puppies cannot withstand the cold weather without some form of heat and cannot stand the hot summer ray without some form of shade as well as cool, fresh water and maybe even a small wading pool.

If you are planning on keeping your new puppy inside you will have to survive housetraining. We try to teach our pups to go outside and do their business. This teaches them not to mess on their sleep area. Some catch on quicker than others. A doggy door is great but if you don’t have one you will have to decide what method of housetraining you are going to use. We prefer crate training but you can also use the puppy pad. Whatever method you choose you have to be VERY DILIGENT AND CONSISTENT, UNTIL YOUR PUPPY CATCHES ON. And, you will need to start whatever method you choose right away. Remember to take the puppy outside right after it wakes up, right after meal time and anytime you sec it exhibiting signs of needing to go potty (sniffing and circling are the most common). Try to take the puppy to the same designated spot outside each time. Always remember to praise or reward it when it gets it right. Don’t punish it when it doesn’t get it right. Your puppy will most likely need to go out during the night as it cannot control its bladder for that long at this age. If you work, it might be best if you have an area where you can leave the puppy while you are gone that is not carpeted and that you can block off easily as opposed to being in the crate all day and then have to be in the crate all night as well. You will also need to keep some food and water out for your pup if you are gone during the day. Leave your puppy with some toys while you are gone. Take up the food and water at night a few hours before bedtime and then offer it again in the morning.

Again, we want to stress to our puppy’s new family, not to over do it with your new puppy for the first week or so. Just be sure to allow your puppy to get plenty of rest and sleep. We hope this information is somewhat helpful. We hope you will enjoy your new puppy and that you will have a long relationship together.

Hull's ozark beagles

Our beagle puppies are for sale in Mountain Grove, MO

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